Roon random distortion, ref#108

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 version build 867 v1.41 is used
  2. Plays music from ROON (version 1.7, Build 710) with Tidal account

Actual result
Random distortion occurs

Expected result
no distortion

Additional information
The problem occurs randomly but to a greater extent with MQA files. Can not be reconstructed but seems to occur when SA30 has been running for a long time. Could it be due to heat?

It seems that this happens more frequently when Roon goes from a non MQA file to an MQA file. I get the feeling that it does not really connect the MQA decoder in the right way.

Under settings - Sound - Roon Device setup there is the option to set a resync delay. This should help the hardware to sync between different formats. I am now testing if this can help SA30 to have time to change and hopefully not create distortion. Maybe more people can test this. I will keep you updated if this solves the problem of ditortion at least if you use Roon.

Thanks for reporting, I created a ticket.