V1.62, Strange volume behavior when using Roon and Max Volume option

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 version 1.62
  2. Set “Max NET Volume” option to 40
  3. start streaming using Roon
  4. Adjust volume up to 20

Actual result
Volume shown on SA30 display skips directly from 19 to 21, volume shown in Roon changes from 19 to 20, but than immediately it skips to 21 on it’s own. It does same thing when changing volume down from 23 to 22 - it skips to 21. Other steps work ok.

Expected result
Volume changes from 19 to 20 (downwards from 23 to 22).

my Max Net is set to 99.

This strange behavior happens as well on my SA 30. When adjusting volume down, Roon and the SA 30 will get out of sync by one numeral, then if you adjust down one more click, they get back in sync. For instance, when adjust volume down from 30 to 29, 28, etc at some point Roon will skip one step and show 20 when the SA 30 is still at 21. Then you lower the SA 30 to 20 and Roon will hold at 20, so it is back in sync. It is just odd, not a problem for me.

Thank you @Ken for information.
So it’s not related to Max Volume, as i suspected.
I agree it’s not a problem, and it’s not really bothering me. Just reporting this so Arcam is aware and can fix in future releases.

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