Distortion on 24 bit 82.2 kHz track, ref#109

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 867 v1.41 is used
  2. start Arcam Music Life iOS app, build 3211 is used
  3. play a 16 bit 44.1kHz track
  4. play a 24 bit 82.2 kHz hi res track, e.g. Pearl Jam, Ten Redux, Once

Actual result
After 12 seconds the distortion starts to become noticeable, refer to audio recording below:

Expected result
Track should be played without any distortion.

Additional information

  • Dirac has never been setup on this device.
  • Roon is not involved.
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FYI. Arcam is able to reproduce this issue and it will be further analysed.

I also have the distortion problem with firmware 867 v1.41. tested with Qobuz and two different 24 bits - 96 kHz files.
Tested both casting via the Qobuz App and DLNA - UPNP streaming via the Music Life App.
After a minute or so the distortion kicks in.
I asked my dealer for an official statement from Arcam about an expected resolution for this issue.
If there is no resolution within 2 months from now I will return my SA30.

Hi rko, welcome to the forum! There is a similar issue about distortion of hi res tracks logged. Distortion kicks in after playing 16 bit 44k1 Hz track, keep an eye on the aforementioned ticket, Arcam is able to reproduce it and is working on it.

If your issue is really different then I would suggest to describe it. Please create a new topic in the issue section and fill in the template text. I will try to reproduce it and forward it to Arcam development team.

The type of distortion sounds the same as the sound sample in #109. I tested with the Qobuz App via casting and Music Life via DLNA - UPNP streaming. In both cases I get the distortion.

Thanks for the additional confirmation on the Qobuz app. I moved your contribution to the existing topic. I assume Arcam will test the Qobuz app too before delivering the distortion fix.