Occasional random reboots, ref#93

Since updating the firmware to v705 my SA30 will on occasions randomly reboot itself.

Interested if others are having the same issue. It has only done it whilst streaming using the MusicLife App.

Interestingly, when it does it the existing playlist I have been streaming from MusicLife is cleared.

Hi paulguk, I didn’t see any reboots yet. I’ll keep an eye on it.

If some abnormality happens then having a look at the logfile might reveal some additional information. In this case the logfiles are wiped because of the reboot… Not sure how to troubleshoot this one. How many times did this happen?

I know after you submit a playlist from MusicLife to SA30 it becomes a so called remote playlist. The SA30 ‘owns’ the list and plays it. If you edit the list through MusicLife the SA30 perfoms the mutation and keeps track of it. After the SA30 reboots the remote playlist is cleared. I think clearing the remote playlist after rebooting the SA30 is ‘by design’.

It’s happened 3 times this weekend. It’s not through things like overheating or anything though.

I can see how to download the logs from the Web Client. Which one would I be interested in as I may regularly download it to see if there were a clue building up to it happening.

Regarding your comment on how the playlist interacts with the player, I had noticed since gapless playback was introduced you no longer get the playback duration of an album / playlist in MusicLife. It now says ‘Remote Play Queue’.

Some additional points for helping to trouble shoot. Has the ambient of the amplifier changed, e.g.

  • ventilation. E.g. I can imaging if I had tucked away the amp away under a plate it isn’t able to loose it energy though ventilation.
  • position. E.g. I can also imaging if I had place the amp next to a source which emits a lot of electromagnetic energy it could affect the function of the amplifier. (although it shouldn’t, I except devices are electromagnetic compatible).

As you already might have found out the downloaded system logs is an archive of several log files. After you extracted the archive it looks like:

temp_data_logs.tgz (this is the archive with system logfiles)
.\media\settings\settings (this directory contains setting files)
.\tmp (this directory contains various log files)
.\var\log (contains one logfile of the SA30 console)

I expect you have to look for abnormalities in logfiles stored in the .\tmp folder. Look for the keyword FATAL or ERROR. Note sometimes an ERROR log statement is just to indicate alternative flow is about to happen, e.g. no setting found then the default will be used.

On the other end it is not certain something will be stored in the logfile.

A general guideline in analysing bugs is try to get the bug reproduced, once you got it reproducible you’re half way there. My suggestion is you should spend you effort on reproducing the bug instead of analysing the logfiles. Maybe Arcam can assist, I’ll open a ticket and see what they have to say about it.

I have it on an open dedicated Hi-Fi rack on its own shelf and I don’t play it loud enough for it to get hot. I’ve felt the temperature as well.

I kept a copy of the last firmware so if it continues I will roll it back to 100% confirm if it is firmware related.

I asked on AV forums and someone else said they were seeing it. I will monitor it and see if I can draw any more conclusions.

The SA30 is a class A amplifier at low volume levels (for me all of the time). A disadvantage of a typical class-A amplifier is its very inefficient power usage, a lot of heat is produced even in idle. Do not underestimate the need of proper ventilation, the manual states 12 inches is the minimum space required on each side of the amp. Does your enclosure meets these recommendations?


For troubleshoot purposes only it might be an idea to revert to the previous build and wait until a reboot happens. Your initial report states it happens 3 times last weekend, just have it running for a week or so? If a reboot happens than you can rule out the latest build is the culprit.

It doesn’t meet those extremes of space around it I admit but i can move it and stand it on top of my rack as I don’t have a turntable. If it continues I can try that.

Maybe it is obvious. In order to pinpoint, narrow down or rule out things during troubleshoot don’t change two things at the same time, e.g. if you change the space around your amp and revert to a previous build you cannot rule out the firmware (of proper cooling).

Split half technique. Takes me back to comms fault finding in a previous life.

I already thought you are an expert on the subject :wink:

I’m advised you should open a formal Arcam support ticket at arcam.support@harman.com.

Did you manage to get any further?

I’ve rolled the firmware back to v521 for a number of reasons. One being this issue (although it never did it yesterday). The others being that I don’t like that I have to turn the volume up massively than before and another issue I observed in that after streaming for a few hours distortion would start to be heard and the only way to stop it was to turn the amp off and back on again. I do not remember that on V521.

None of the fixes in the new firmware relate to how I use the amp. I don’t need DIRAC and I don’t connect anything to the digital inputs. I stream most music, occasionally I’ll play a CD on my OPPO connected to the CD input and I use the PVR function for the L and R channels for AV.

Indeed, if you happy with it then stick with the previous version. You might be interested in disabling the auto firmware update function, as described here.

Except that as soon as you configure the Web Client it automatically re updates it again without being asked and that is with OTA disabled. So you can roll the firmware back but you have to live without the web client.

I have also had the reboot issue now with v.705 and bad distortion after 2-3 hours of streaming when switching between hi-res tracks on Tidal using MusicLife. Did not notice this on v.521. My amp automatically updated even if I had disabled the automatic update function (do not use the webclient so this was not the reason for the process…)

Hi Floyd, welcome to the forum! It’s maybe a little odd to say but it’s good to read that you are facing the same reboot problem. Now we know this is not unique. I added this info to the existing ticket. I immediately got a response. You should open a formal Arcam support ticket too. I’m sorry I wished I could have helped you any further, but it seems this is the way to proceed with this issue.

About the other two issues (distortion and firmware update with a disabled auto update setting): could you please create 2 separate new issues and fill in the template text? Keeping issues in separate topics will improve communication with Arcam. Thank you.

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Just to let you all know I have contacted Arcam directly about the distortion, rebooting and the fact that once rolled back you can no longer use the web client. In my case I can live without the web client but it’s annoying that you do not get a prompt asking you if you want to upgrade.

The other reason I rolled back is because the amp is louder and seems to have more punch on v521. To get the same volume on the new firmware I have to turn it up about 10 higher and it seems to be more restrained.

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Hi and thanks! I have already e-mailed Ed at Arcam support about the issues and hopefully get an answer soon…

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I’ve worked out the Web Client issue myself. After doing a rollback do the system reset from the front panel but DO NOT do the NET reset. I’ve just rolled back and it all seems to be working. I definitely has a fuller sound with more punch anyway on V521.

So I accidentally managed to initiate update to 705 when I really had no intention. I was in the web client and accidentally selected “check for updates” which unfortunately goes straight to applying what it finds without asking for confirmation.

Now initially I thought all was fine, but listened to some new Tidal MQA releases and I’m convinced the sound has changed and the sound is not as full as it was with 521 (feels lacking in bass). At first I wondered if I had a fault with speakers, I thought I was going mad until I read above comments!

To be honest I was happy with 521 and was not tempted into trying beta releases either.

I am not sure if I still have a copy of 521 to roll back to but will certainly be trying over the weekend, if anyone has archived releases they can point me to that would be great, I could not find them on the Arcam uk site or even via the Way Back Machine internet archive

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