Do I need Musiclife

Having seen lots of bad reviews for Musiclife, I am wondering if it is needed.

I use Roon and Tidal connect for listening to Music, so does Musiclife offer anything besides playing music that I can play (probably better) from elsewhere.

Appreciate your thoughts thanks

Hi WelshMike,

First of all, congratulations on your new SA30!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying mine.
If you have Roon, you shouldn’t need MusicLife. Even if you didn’t have Roon, I believe there are other options. Some are even free to my knowledge. Hopefully someone here with more experience can direct you to those options if you need them. Im new to this forum also.
Best of luck.

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tidal connect and musiclife are playing the same source so its no difference

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…or rather both apps are instructing the amp to stream from the same source. So it’s a case of which app you prefer :slight_smile:

If you use internet radio or other things then you may still want to go with Music Life

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Thank you @Vkb @Turkleton and @madfiddler and I appreciate your responses

Always good to know that I have understood it, but I am unlikely to install it if it offers no management facilities for the SA30

A lot of people don’t like the app. It has had problems in the past but recent updates have fixed many of them. I’m an IOS user and it works a dream on my iPad but I do know that Android users have suffered issues with the app for some time.

I use it to stream my own music from my NAS and I tend to play albums in full. For that I love it, especially since gapless playback was introduced.

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Thanks Paul. I am mainly an Android user, though I do have an iPad and iPhone as well.
I will probably skip it for now.

I just set up the amp in the living Room and I have the Dali sub running off the pre outs at the moment and so far without any Dirac Room compensation it sounds great. Hopefully I will get plenty of music listening in over the weekend.

I never use the app. I either use Tidal connect, Airplay, or whatever the google cast thing is called.

I bought mine in December and only bothered to use DIRAC last month and I have to say WOW it is absolutely worth doing, my listening roomis rather compromised and it’s a night and day transformation in how good things sound. I wouldn’t buy anything without some sort of room correction now, the difference is that dramatic. Took all of 15 minutes to set up, and I’m using either the 4dB or 10dB target curves from here

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Thanks for sharing that link, my room is not too bad, but I think I need to learn a bit more about Dirac.
I am only using the basic mic at the moment but cannot justify almost £200 for a mic and stand of better quality. As I learn more I am sure I will improve the measurements but the sound quality after my third attempt is really good and the sub woofer is doing its job nicely so I am quite happy at the moment.

I have not used Airplay, Chromecast or Tidal Connect yet as the Roon integration just works amazingly and I have about 60k songs in my library and about 10k in Tidal so its a nice mix. I will test it soon though.

I think the built in mic is absolutely fine, it’s important to load the calibration file you can download from Arcam though.

It’s worth spending the time on, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Yes I missed that on the first two times, hence the third time.
I read the instructions and then completely ignored that part.

Always good to keep learning :wink: