Webclient not working proper on iPhone7+, ref#96

When I load webclient on my phone to play on SA30 only visible folders are active. I can’t scroll down to choose another folder. On my laptop works fine.

On the right side there should be a scrollbar, try to tick a little below the slider. Refer to red arrow. It will scroll. The scroll behaviour is a little bit different compared to a regular scroll bar. You have to tick a little below the slider instead of holding onto and drag the slider.

hahahaha, no way , tried more than hundred times. The webpage should be dynamic , I think.

The screenshot is created on iOS 13.5.1. What iOS version do you use?

13.7is mine, the latest

Ok, Later on I’ll create a ticket for it.

The web client is not great on safari or chrome under iOS. I was advised by Arcam support that it’s better to use a PC, but it’s clearly not as convenient.

So on the scroll bar in the image above there is a kind of slider in the bar. It’s the darker grey bit. You have to tap that and there will then be a light blue highlighting to show it selected. Then you can put your finger on it and slide down. I find it’s easier to zoom in on the slider to select it first, then you can zoom out again

I think there are other browser available that perhaps offere different behaviour or compatibility so might be worth looking to see if they make things easier. Am guessing a stylus would make this much better too.

FYI. I created a ticket for it.

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Any news on the issue? I use Chrome on Android and it’s still nearly useless (on a Windows laptop things are much better, but using the phone is much more convenient).

Alternatively, is there any other app that would allow USB browsing?

Unfortunately there isn’t any news on any issue suffixed with ref#. Those are tracked in a private bug tracker which has become obsolete. I guess we‘ve to stick with the current web gui.

Thank you for the reply. While we’re at it, any idea why the IP address of the amp (or to be exact, its last digit) keeps changing?

Hi, dhcp is configured by default. This may result in a changed ip adres due to an expired lease and in the meantime some other device got this ip address. Should be no problem.

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I have in my router reserved an ip-adress for my SA30. The ip-adress is connected to the MAC-adress the SA30 have, in the router. With that the SA30 always get the same ip-adress when it is switched off and on. Have also done so for my NAS other equipment in my network.

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