Webclient: volume control broken, #ref103

The following settings are configured through the SA30 front console:

  • Max on volume is 12
  • Max volume is 40
  • Max net volume is 20

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 867 v1.41 is used
  2. start Arcam Music Life iOS app, build 3211 is used
  3. play a hires track, adjust volume level to 10
  4. go to web client
  5. decrement volume level

Actual result
Step 4: volume level is maxed out in the web client

Step 5: volume level is zero on SA30 front console

Expected result
Step 4: volume level should be on 1/4 of maximum because the maximum configured volume is 40, SA30 console states 10
Step 5: volume level is 9 on SA30 front console

Additional information
If I maxed out the volume slider in the web client then the SA30 console states the volume level is 4

It’s broken not only in web client, but basically everywhere. For me quite important, as due to small kids I have to set max volume.
Before update web client and chromecast were ok, Roon and ARC broken.
Now all are broken, and in a bit different way. In none of them one can use max volume, that is set in amp. It seems, that amp is reporting max volume to software directly, but actual volume control is relative to max volume set in amp.
Result is, that using any app if max volume is set to 40(%), max volume set by app can only be set to 40% of this 40%.
Really annoying…