Music Life Software/Webclient - Streaming Issues

Music Life software V. 4.1.3 (4131) ‘shuffle’ and 'repeat" button not working. Also not seeing song titles in Remote Play Queue. This also applies to Webclient when streaming. Anyone having issues streaming from either Webclient (1.72) or MusicLife app.?

Same here, all the software of the Arcam ecosystem is a joke. Nothing is working as it should. Today is the first day that I have time to test my new amp and I am shocked at just how broken everything is…

Can you drop the System Info (version/net version) and version of MusicLife into a comment?

App ver: 4.1.6(4165)
Fw: 1.72 (1206)

Shuffle doesn’t work. If you enable it, it would remain enabled for a couple of seconds and disable itself automatically.
If you succeed to change a song in that short time - it will be shuffled as expected!