Arcam Control iOS app doesn't work when connected via Ethernet

When I have my SA30 connected via WiFi Arcam Control iOS app works well,
but when Arcam is connected via Ethernet it doesn’t
The same router (Apple Time Capsule if it makes difference) is used
Arcam is reachable for Roon in both scenarios, so it looks like iOS app issue, not network related

I use Arcam Control IOS app and my SA30 is connected with Ethernet to my Apple Time Capsule. Works without any problem. In my Time Capsule I have a reserved IP-address for the SA30 (don’t know if it makes any difference).

could you pls share arcam software version you’re using?

Firmware for the SA30 is V1206. Control app version is 2.10.2 (build 21021)

Have you tried to do a NET reset?

When you are connected by Ethernet can you reach the Web GUI using the IP address shown in the network settings on another device on the same network?

If you can then click the ‘Network Settings’ heading and move the radio button to ‘wired’ and refresh your browser. If the page refreshes you have proved the SA30 can be seen connected to your Ethernet cable. If you cannot see the Web GUI after a refresh do a NET reset and try again. If that still fails you may have an issue with the amp.

I did the software update and it fixed the issue!