Using multiple Apple iOS controllers

Perform the following steps:

  1. install iOS Music Life on 2 iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)
  2. reset network
  3. control SA30 from iPhone (works normally)
  4. turn off, wait, turn on
  5. attempt to control SA30 from iPad
    EXPECTED: both devices control SA30 normally
    ACTUAL: SA30 locks up, and will no longer recognise EITHER device, requires complete NET RESET (which bizarrely also deletes all DIRAC settings as well, which is most annoying)

Additional information
Available on request, can do video, screen dumps, logs, etc

Please report it directly to Arcam over their support channel.
Unfortunately it seems Arcam has abandoned us, and they are not following this forum anymore.
Issue reports were useful when they were still working on fixing major problems and were cooperating with us here. They are not anymore :frowning: