Upgraded to V1.62 - but Arc set to v0

Sorry to wake this thread, but does anyone have the instructions to fix this issue?


Hi all,
I’ve just tried to use ARC but it is not working. I note ARC is showing as v0.0 and ARC rx v0.0.0. I am assuming this is the problem. Can anyone help with instruction how to fix this. I’ve emailed Arcam support but they are quoting 7 days for a response. Thank you

Now sorted and working fine

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Hello ,please can you help me to recovery my sa30
Version v 1.72
Net ver v1542
Arc v0.0
Arc rx
Sorry for my english

Hi Thomas, welcome to the forum!

Arcam published service technical bulletins on their site, I think you need this one:


This might not be the correct instruction to resolve the issue, there might be other bulletins in the above url which are applicable, just browse here.

It’s perfect , thank you!

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