Problems with 2022 firmware v1542

Hi, since I constantly face problems in which my Arcam SA30 becomes undiscoverable in the network requiring a hard reboot, I was happy to find out that in the past days a new firmware was released, hoping that this will fix the issue, but this firmware update simple does not work, so I had to revert back to my old firmware.

The upgrade never really properly finished, not OTA, not by USB, not uploading from Browser although after so many tests it eventually loaded by I don’t think it finished correctly. Many times I waited the 10 minutes, or even 10 hours, but nothing.
With the new version my device loses the network like after 1 minute and is unusable.
Alse performing a Net Reset never finishes, it just hangs.
The System reset does work.

Old Firmware
New Firmware

Has anyone been able to successfully install this new version?

Yes have installed the new firmware without any problem.
My old firmware was the beta one.

Are you sure that you do not have a duplicate ip address on your network ? or any restriction on your router/box ?


Same as pab here. Had the beta and updated no problems, everithing works perfeckt. Great amp. Great sound.

Thanks for letting me know, that gives me hope. I reserved the IP address on the router so it does not change and that will protect from duplicates .
Many others had the same issue from what I read in the forums, so I am not alone on the upgrade problem.
Somebody posted a solution that involved several steps on how to do the update.
But regarding the wifi issues I have not read anyone else having those .

I had a similar problem back at the start with a much earlier version. After a long period of fumbling, I found that the problem was my router. It was rejecting the Arcam Unit and I had to reset everything at the Router and then reinstall and do a net reset on the Arcam. Then it worked nicely