Arcam Sa30 firmware update fails

I have been trying to update my SA 30 firmware for days. I figured out how to program a USB 8gb stick to Fat32, downloaded the update and plugged the stick in the unit.
It shows upgrading but times out and shows the error message USB upgrade failed.
Product support wants me to go to my dealer. My dealer charges $200 and it’s a 3 week wait.
I think that is ridiculous for an almost new receiver. Should be a warranty replacement.
Does anyone know how to do this…?
Should I hard wire the internet instead of doing wirelessly?
Why would product support advocate buying a new USB stick. Mine is new.
I am furious.: describe build

Hello Waroroses, welcome to the forum!

Please have a look at these technical bulletins. Pay attention to the described symptoms, E.g. if you’re experiencing “Unit will display “NET UPDATING” on the front panel display and will not complete startup” then probably this article will try to resolve your issue. Maybe another article is helpfull, only apply the procedure that suites your situtation, do not apply random procedures. I hope this helps.

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