UMIK-1 Calibration File and Placement

Hi all.

I got the UMIK-1 Microphone for better measurements and downloaded the “Dirac Mic Calibration and Target Files” from the Arcam SA30 product-page.

Inside the UMIK-1 Folder it says:
“Individual calibration files for the miniDSP UMIK-1, which requires entering the 7-digit serial number found on the microphone, can be obtained from the link below. Be sure to use the “90 degree” file.”

I guess they just copied the file from their av receivers… In my understanding, the “0 degree” file should be used with the microphone pointing at the speakers…?

I agree with you, so I am using 0 degree in the test.

Hi Daniel,

What’s your experience with the UMIK-1? Was it worth the upgrade, and how would you describe the benefits?