Wireless mic problem

So I bought some cheap mic ACCENT PRO MT395 wireless microphone set • Media-Tech Polska

It has USB and 3.5 as well 6.5. Can I connect it directly to arcam or should I get some mic preamp thing.

If I can connect it, which sockets to use?

I don’t know.

But these microphones are not calibrated by their manufacturer - as far as I can see, you can’t get a calibration curve fore them.

So you don’t know their sensitivity, nor their frequency response. So if you use them as Dirac microphones with your SA30, the software will give you the wrong result.

So I’d advise not using these microphones.

Your SA30 came with an acceptable microphone. If you don’t want to spend extra $$ on a recommended microphone like a UMIK, just use the one that came with the SA30

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I agree with @peterwilson that you need a calibrated microphone but it sounds like you bought a 2nd hand unit as they come with a microphone when they’re new which is good enough .
Personally I’d find a 2nd hand Umik-1 and sell it after you’ve used it as they hold their price so it’s not like you’re losing money … just tying it up for a while.

The mic plugs into a laptop / PC and you need to install Dirac Live … if you google Dirac setup tutorial there’s lots of information available.