SA30 combine with Power Amplifier (Suggestions)

Hello , i would like to change the signature of my Arcam SA30 and i want something more engaging and alive presentation.
i am considering to buy an power Amplifier and to keep my SA30 as Preamp.
Do you have any good suggestions for Power Amps ?

Hi Ilias, that’s a broad question :wink: I have some additional questions to point us into a direction.

  1. What are you missing? E.g. any particular part of the frequency (low or high frequencies?) range? Or something else.
  2. Is there any particular music genre you are playing once you observe there is something missing?
  3. Did you configure Dirac first and are still unsatisfied?
  4. What is your current set of speakers?
  5. Are there any budget constraints?
  6. Do you have a short/long list of the power amps you had in mind?
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  1. I missing the liveness and the agile. I like the romantism and the fullness this Amp give me but now i am seeking something more alive. If we speak for Frequencies i will say that i want something more texture and clean in the upper frequencies where SA30 is more round.

  2. My listening Session mostly is Blues Genre ,Classical Rock and others…

  3. I use Dirac calibration in the range around 80-400 where my speakers is loud enough. Especially around 150-250.
    I don’t like to enable Dirac Full Range, i find it dull and bored. In fact i appreciate Dirac most for the timing correction and no so much for the Frequency.

  4. Monitor Audio RS6

  5. No more than 1800€-2000€

  6. a)Rotel RB-1582 MkII 200W/8Ω
    b) Arcam HDA PA240
    or maybe with tubes.

that is also the Post to collect suggestions and knowledge for power Amps with SA30.

Have you considered upgrading speakers instead of amp? I think it might bring more benefit.
Not saying that RS6 are bad, but in a way they might be limiting SA30’s potential. From current series at least, SA30 is more of a companion for MA Gold than MA Silver (which RS6 in reality is).
Just a thought…


Yes of course . My next buy is for sure new Speakers. Currently i am on survey for new speakers, but i haven’t decide yet the basics. If i want bookshelf speakers or floorstanding :slight_smile: .
In fact i am hoping on 2022 for a live hi-fi show to meet from close a lot of speakers and Amps. Lets hope!

So maybe wait and try to find new speakers first, before you decide to go with new power amp? :slight_smile:
And to be honest IF you decide you need power amp anyway, if i were you i would sell SA30 and buy something else, like NAD C658 or MiniDSP SHD instead. Using SA30 as source and pre-amp seems like a waste to me. You would probably be better having one of those 2 devices as source/pre/DSP combined with dedicated power amp. Two reasons for that:

  1. Integrated amp, if used as a pre-amp, will still be limited by internal power amp circuitry. It means it will not provide same output voltage, as it will start clipping cause of power amp.
  2. With NAD and MiniDSP you can use balanced connection to new power amp, where in SA30 you can only use RCA.
    Also having separate pre-amp and power amp you have a bit different power supply design, which also impacts performance/sound quality to some extent.
    But i would anyway first replace the speakers. I think you might be surprised by what SA30 is capable of.
    Dedicated power amp will improve SQ probably (i know of one of the users of this forum, that went with PA240), question is will it be really optimal way to do it?

I have the SA30 paired with the PA240, big improvement in my opinion. However the liveliness you wish to create I achieve with the ATC SCM11. I also use a Thorens turntable and overall, the Arcam and speaker combination provide all I could ever wish for, lively and embracing !

My first post here! I don’t yet own a SA30, but seriously considering it, that’s why I’ve been following the forum from the sidelines for a few weeks now.

My speakers are the Monitor Audio Silver 10. Regarding @iarvanit 's itch, I will have to second what @Felix says. The RS6’s are way below the Arcam’s league, and thinking of upgrading with a power amp for their sake is totally misguided. The RS line is virtually 3rd generation Silver, RX is 4th. From the 5th gen onwards, the MA Silver line has more in common with the MA Gold than with previous Silver generations, which sound harsh and disjointed in comparison. Back when I was looking for speakers 6 years ago, there was nothing at their price point that even came close.

If your room size is medium+, I would suggest any of the Silver 8 / 300 or 10 / 500 as they are 3-way speakers with a very transparent mids, punchy deep bass and the airy/sparkling presentation you’re looking for that is never harsh or bright. It’s no accident that the new 500 7G got the EISA award for speaker of the year. Also, having an amp with DL on board will compensate for any problems that might occur in your room.