Tidal connect no longer high res

Tidal connect no longer plays high resolution. It switches from Max/Flac to High, i.e. 44/16. It works fine with old MQA files. anyone know what has happened?

I have seen this happen as well. I think this happens on files that do not have an MQA version. Tidal Connect currently does not support the new Max/FLAC, so the only option is then the normal HIGH version. When Tidal update Tidal Connect to support Max/FALC (and if Arcam update SA30 to support it…) it should work

So it will not work :slight_smile:

Obviously not. Seems to be a Tidal problem. I read somewhere that the update will not come this year.

Do you know anything about Qubos on Arcam? Is there something like Tidal/Spotify connect for Qubos or do I need to use MusicLife or Roon, or some other third party software?

Yes it is due to tidal problem, once they update Tidal Connect it support the new Max/FLAC it should be ok from Tidal side. Then it’s up to Arcam if they bother to update SA30…

No sorry I don’t use Qobuz so I can’t say

No, there’s nothing like that for Qobuz.
Either MusicLife, Roon, some third party app, or Chromecast or AirPlay.
Although in case of Chromecast quality is slightly degraded, but i wouldn’t woory about it too much, and it’s much more convenient than MusicLife.

I use Qobuz. I usually browse via the Qobuz app for discovering music, and then add things I want to listen to to “My Qobuz”, then it will appear in MusicLife under Qobuz favourites, which you can select by artist or album name for example.

You could always try a different app to control the SA30 instead of Music Life. I recall folk talking about mConnect Player app (there is a “lite” version too)

You could also try the web interface although it’s no more advanced than Music Life it perhaps won’t have quite the same issues. Just use browser to go to the IP address of your SA30 (e.g. ) and select Webclient


Sorry for being unclear. High resolution tidal does not work from music life or mconnect either.

Hmmm, that doesn’t make an awful lot of sense, if it’s MQA then SA30 will support streaming it directly MusicLife and m:connect simply act as a controller. If it’s really FLAC then SA30 will support too.

The only way I can see this not working is if the streamed content is neither of these formats, or the bitrate/resolution is not supported by the DAC which would be strange. It’s fine with all the Qobuz flac hi res content, OK, Tidal Connect is different, I get that.

You will need someone here to test their unit with the same content to see if it’s just you who has the issue, or if it’s a capability thing (be it app or SA30)

Yepp. That is what I was hoping, that someone know how to get the new Tidal Hi res FLAC to work. FLAC 44/16 and MQA works fine but FLAC say 24/96 does not. Not using the Tidal app nor MusicLife.