Tidal Connect available soon?

After streaming with Apple Music lossless for some time, I tried Tidal through MusicLife App yesterday and was blown away by the Master/MQA sound quality compared to simple CD quality. I did not expect that. I’m running B&W 804d4 on my amp.

As the MusicLife App is not really great for discovering music I would like to use Tidal’s app and stream directly on the SA30. Roon as an alternative is just too expensive as I only listen to streamed music and I would need to operate a Roon core too.

I read, that Tidal connect is on the SA30 “roadmap”. Does anyone have more detailed information if and when we can expect it?


Tidal Connect is supported with the latest Beta firmware as well as Spotify Connect. I have used it for a few weeks now. I think you will be very pleased.

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I just wish Qobuz would offer the same, this is the only reason I use the Music Life app really

Having said that I have always used the services’ own apps, added things I want to play into a play list or favourited and then opened Music Life to select and play.

Arcam are a Qobuz partner so maybe this is on the list next?

Terrific. :grinning: Do you know when it will be available? Or is there a way to join the beta test?

It’s really hard to say. Arcam guys are not really active here since some time, so we have no news from them. We can just see beta’s appearing in the folder they shared with our beta group, but without any info or even change logs.
So we know they are working on it, but have no idea when we can expect public release.
As for beta tests again hard to say. Arcam guys should add you to the group, otherwise you might have issues with warranty if that’s needed, and you’re on beta. For official beta testers they promised support in any warranty cases, so that claim is not rejected due to beta. So i would not risk flashing beta not being official beta tester.

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What Felix said in his post is spot on. I would not risk loading a Beta unless one of the Arcam guys invites you to the beta test group and unlocks the link.

Have any Tidal users been running Dirac to know if the intermittent distortion has been fixed?


Yes, it’s fixed. It was fixed already a while ago, in version 1206 (if i remember correctly).

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Thanks! Was hardware involved at some point in production or can I get a used model SA30 and be confident it will be ok by ensuring the firmware is up to date?

No, HW was not involved. I have bought my SA30 in June 2020 (second production batch) and it’s fixed for me, with firmware update only.
Seems, despite our speculation, it was all software related.
So you’re good to buy used one.


@arcam_paul Do you know if this beta firmware with Tidal Connect is available for the ST-60? Would be possible to test it? I purchased a second ST-60 just for this feature:-)


I just buy Arcam Sa30.
I did last firmware update.

But i don’t know the right way to connect Tidal from my phone Android ?

I am a beginner with Arcam. I need some Help and very clear and easy méthod.

Must i connect with a RJ45 wire to the acarm ?

Thanks in advance for Help , i’m Lost and disapointed.

Best regards

Did you update to the last published firmware 1206? If so, it does not support Tidal connect. Tidal connect is in a beta firmware release. But anyway, you must first get the SA 30 on your network by adding it with the Google Home app.


Thanks Ken,

Do you have the link to get this bêta firmware ?

Could you explain the method to install Chromecast , step by step ( sorry i am really beginner in this World …).

Do I firstly connect the RJ 45 Ethernet wire into the Arcam Sa30 backside ?

Best regards

Install Google Home on your mobile
Let Google Home discover the SA30 as a new device
This will automatically add it to your home network and will be then setup fro chromecast

Instructions are in the manual

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PS: Personally I wouldn’t use the beta, I’d wait for the next release. If you do want to use the beta then you need to ask the Arcam team here to be added to the official beta test group but also to ensure you are supported if something goes wrong. @arcam_paul


Dear Paul ,

Thanks for your informations.
Do you know When the New official release will be available ?

Best regards

Sorry I’m not Paul… I was tagging him as he’d be the one to get you into the beta group I believe :slight_smile:

Are there any updates on possible release date of the new software. Really looking forward to using Tidal connect since the Tidal app is way nicer to use than the Music Life app. :thinking:


Finally! Just updated the software of my ST60, and streaming with Tidal connect is now possible. I use the Tidal app on my iPhone and iPad and it works like a charm. Just playing Slipped away from Toto, on the ST60 screen I can read: MQA Studio 192kHz. Sounds great. Cheers, Pieter.

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