Tidal Connect available soon?

Hello Pieter, welcome to the forum! Thanks for informing us about the new firmware release. I create a separate post for it: .

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I wish I could cheer too, but I have a problem with the update!
After installing the ST60 refuses to aquire an IP-address. :frowning:

I followed the instructions:

  • Trigger the installation via browser and device setting.
  • Waited until the arcan says it is ready (did take a few minutes, but not half an hour as the instructions indicate)
  • Then I triggered a net and system reset.

The system info now says version = 0.72, display version 0.72, image version 1.08 and finally network version 1542.

BUT: IP address :roll_eyes:

I did the resets a second time, power on/off. It did not help.

Has anybody an idea how to fix that??? :confused:

PS: The ST60 is connected via WiFi.

Now I am happy… After a little heart attack and some thinking, I was able to figure out what had happend and how to solve it!

One of the two resets (or the update itself) must have killed the access token that the ST60 uses to connect to the WiFi. It got created, when the streamer was installed for the first time using google home and it is of course necessary for the authentication in the WiFi network.

Now all you have to do is, remove the device from your “google home” (via the home app), restart the arcam, search for a new device and basically re-itroduce it to your google home.

The streamer is back online and a quick test with the Tidal app confirmed, that it now is available via Tidal Connect.


What is the advantage of Tidal connect and what does it offer more than what was available prior to the recent firmware update. Last year I took a trial of Tidal and was streaming it to the SA30 from the MusicLife app and it all seemed to work ok.

I feel like I’m missing something because of the big fanfare about it now being available.

You can search for and play music directly from Tidal app. This app has a in my opinion better interface for finding and discovering music. MusicLife app is more oriented to playing the music that is already in your collection

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…and MusicLife is an horrible app. Using App from the streamer company give always a better experience. (maybe Roon can be better, I have never tested).

So I’ve just taken out a trial of TIDAL HI FI and tried it via the Tidal app on my iPad and can confirm that it connects to my SA30 with no problems and the playback is as seem less as when I stream my own music from my NAS, however I had high hopes of MQA stuff being really good but I’ve compared some with the same albums on my NAS and can tell no difference so I think it’s overrated and a bit of a gimmick.

If the MQA version is CD level quality and what you have on your NAS is lossless rip of CDs and in theory from the same source/master you’ll hear the exact same thing. Having said that I’m sure someone will rapidly point out that MQA isn’t lossless….

There will be times with higher sample and bit rates that MQA might surpass but…well there is still,that lossless debate, we all hear things differently and is this some new master MQA have somehow produced differently to what you are listing to from other sources?

I kind of went away from Tidal, not that I didn’t think it sounded good but for me personally I was unhappy to pay a premium without getting or knowing if I was actually getting something consistently better. So in the end I settled on Qobuz.

From Arcam perspective having all the options from different providers is welcome though. Just wished I could get the Qobuz app experience and play from their directly and not be stuck with casting to the amp from my device at lower resolution, rather than having to use MusicLife. Technically that works with MusicLif for the hi-res stuff, it’s just more cumbersome and inconvenient