Spotify shuffle


Tonight I have problem with Spotify shuffle (premium subscriber) on my SA30. It works fine on the phone, tv and chromecast (in the kitchen). Anyone else having these problems?

Best regards Fredrik (from Stockholm)

When I change streaming method from Spotify Connect to Google Cast it works. Is there a downside? Will the bitrate decrease when using Google cast?

For me it was always turning off shuffle whenever I was using spotify connect or Tidal connect.
There were many other problems as well, I finally decided to give that amp back and now am a happy owner of Primare.

Hi Roslagsfredrik,

i think Google Cast might use AAC 256, but the difference won’t be audible.

In fact, i prefer Google Cast when using Spotify, because the Volume Control with my Android Smartphone has smaller steps in Google Cast. The Downside would be, that playback will stop, if you close the Spotify App…

Best regards,