Android cast audio is unreliable

Casting audio from my Google Pixel 7 pro to the Arcam sa30 is fine sometimes, but on ocassions when I try to connect the audio of the phone using the cast option, the phone just stops outputting to it’s speakers and no sound comes out of the amp, despite volume being up on both and the audio track is running on the phone. I mostly use Presto audio streaming app on the phone, but it is also an issue when trying to cast audio from YouTube running on the phone.

I have this issue too. Chromecast will work reliably after a hard reset, but when casting from sleep or after some source changing, it’s 50-50 whether or not it will work.

I would be interested to know if this is Chromecast only or whether users of AirPlay experience this as well.

I have the same problems on the Arcam AVR5, if I go back to my Pixel 7 and reconnect it to the AVR5 it usually works fine again.

I have the same problem with Tidal connect on my SA750. Usually works fine after power cycling.

Sadly I have the same issue with AirPlay. Listening music while drinking my coffee in the morning - did many times not happen due to this issue.

One workaround I made was connecting a separate streamer. But this feels wrong.

I am still looking for a solution. One idea was to power cycle the amp every 24 hours. But after every power cycle the amp will stay on…

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