Software Version 1.72 Device version: 0.100.1542.0xff21fd0 Pt2

Perform the following steps:

  1. start streaming a 44.1kHz audio file from Network via Musiclife app
  2. Select Menu > System > Audio settings from remote control

Actual result
Instantly switches back to Streaming, dropping you out of menu before it is possible to change DIRAC curve

Expected result
Should allow selection of DIRAC curve while music is playing

Additional information
If nothing is playing, or if PAUSE is pressed then it is possible to select a new DIRAC curve

I always push ‘audio’ on the remote to pull up Dirac directly. Another push and it switches to the next Dirac curve.
Maybe not a solution, but at least a workaround (of you want one).

i guess this is the exact feature the person starting this thread is looking for, isnt it?

Unless he is looking to work via the MusicLife app.