Feature request, MusicLife: possibility to enable/disable and choose Dirac Live filter

Short description of requested feature

Possibility to enable and disable Dirac Live, as well as choose DL filter from MusicLife application.
At the moment MusicLife allows for playback control, but changing DL filter is only possible using remote control or device panel.

How could that work?

  1. Open remote control section of MusicLife application
  2. Find “Dirac Live” option and choose one of the 4 options:
    a. No filter (DL disabled)
    b. Filter/Curve 1
    c. Filter/Curve 2
    d. Filter/Curve 3
  3. Chosen DL filter is eganged, or DL is disabled when “No filter” option is set.

User community interest

Would you be interested in such feature? Please reply to the poll.

  • I like this feature request, please consider it.
  • I don’t care.

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