Can't switch on Dirac Filter from analog input

If I switch out of Direct mode on a analog input such as CD, then switch in a Dirac filter the menu will show a dirac filter has been selected and displays the name, but there is no delay as the filter switches in, and no change in sound. I then switch back to no curve, no delay, no change in sound. But in Roon, switching in the Dirac filter works as it should. There is a short 1 to 2 second delay as the Dirac filter switches in and out. This was not an issue in 705, it is new to 867.


I’ve just tried this on the PVR analogue input using an Arcam tuner, and as far as I can see (and hear!!) the DIRAC filter is switching in . My procedure:
Switch into Direct mode.
Switch out of Direct mode.
Press the Audio key on the remote to change from No curve to Tight (my name for the curve!)
There’s a audible change in the sound after a few seconds.

Did you switch in the SA30 with Direct already switched on. I haven’t tried that yet!!

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