Time Delay Digital Inputs

There’s a time delay on all inputs if using Dirac but if you switch to Direct on 1 of the analogue inputs it resolves it.
I did search and found a few threads relating to it but going back about a year ago mainly relating to lyp sync with a TV and the responses seemed quite positive that Arcam were working on a solution and it’d be sorted and then the threads went quiet.
Does anybody know what actually happened with it and if there was any work around, I actually wanted to use the digital inputs for multiroom stereo and can’t get it to sync with the delay.

I thought maybe using one of the digital inputs with “No Curve” selected may resolve it as it’s not making any changes but it seems it’s the digital to analogue conversion that’s actually causing the issue.

if anybody knows any more and if people just gave up in the end I’d be interested to hear?

Gave up. Just using external DAC and connecting to analogue input with direct turned ON.

Dirac does indeed add a delay. Not a problem with music unless if you want to use the arcam as part of a multiroom system (like Sonos). In this use case and with a streamer feeding the digital input on the arcam, the music will be out of sync with other Sonos speakers.
I thought I could avoid this input delay by not using Dirac but unfortunately it is still there in both coax and optical inputs (with music). Using the HDMI input with Dirac off was fine and I could not detect any lip-sync.
I sadly ended up returning the arcam as it did not fit my use case (whole home audio in sync).

Using a separate dac feeding the analogue input as described by Domas above is a great idea.

Thanks for the replies … certainly seems a shame as some buying one of these may be because of Dirac but it makes that pretty unusable for a number of different scenarios.

I’d set the PVR input to direct for surround (once I found out what the issue was) and that’s now fine but one of the reasons I’d bought it was for the digital inputs, I’m currently doing the same as Yko74 with an external Dac but was hoping to move away from that.