Connecting Dirac

I was querying something in a form about Dirac and I mentioned it’s frustrating that you can’t adjust Dirac on the fly and they said you could and somone else mentioned that’s it’s best to play music while doing the Dirac measurements and it plays it between each measurement.

Mine though, the second I select my Arcam Chromrcast from within Dirac on my lapto it cuts any other inputs and doesn’t play any music.

Is this the same for everyone / is there another way to connect so that it does play music with Dirac connected?

Just adding some additional information … does anybody know if I used an HDMI out from the laptop to the Amp or a US to Optical converter if Dirac would see it, with the later I’m guessing it’d see the adapter sitting in between which isn’t a Dirac enabled device?

I guess you don’t understand how Dirac really works.

The Dirac calibration is adjusted with a laptop on the same network as you’re Arcam.
The Dirac software has to be installed on your laptop. The microfoon delivered with the amp connected with the USB port of the laptop. After all the adjustments, you can upload three profiles. When you want to use the profiles then activate them on your Arcam assigned to every input you want to use.

Yes I do know how it works, but others using say a Mini DSP a an example are able to adjust the curve whilsy playing music and hear the effect the changes have in real time before then deciding what they want to keep and assigning it to one of the profiles.
Whereas we can’t hear what the curve sounds like until we’ve assigned it to the amp and closed Dirac so it becomes guesswork as to what may sound best and awfully time consuming when you want to adjust it again to re-open Dirac, re-load the curve, make further adjustments (again not being able to hear them), assign them to teh amp and close Dirac again … it’s an awfully long winded and inaccurate process in comparison.

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Which MiniDSP?
Dirac never let’s one to adjust curve “on the fly”. You have to edit curve, upload to device and check.
However there are MiniDSP devices without Dirac, which work as “regular” DSP. In that case it might be possible to adjust things “on the fly”. However also those DSP’s are usually limited compared to Dirac, as they can adjust curve and latency, but nothing else.