Feature request. Bass and treble adjustment in Sa30

Feature request. Bass and treble adjustment in Arcam Control.

In Arcam Control or directly in the firmware I would like to be able to change the bass and treble level.

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This will be awesome, despite the Dirac. Alternatively a loudness option for all of us that listen to low levels

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Dirac is much better in every way.

How can you adjust just Bass and tremble through Dirac ?
My opinion is Dirac is too complex and automatic results are not at my taste.

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You can edit the target curve, adjusting what you want very precisely (both when it comes to level and frequency).
Only downside is, that you cannot just adjust something whenever you want. You need to create filters/curves with ready adjustments, and switch between them in the amp.
But i agree with @mat , it’s not as convenient as having bass and treble adjustment, but results are far, FAR better.


Do you have a link that shown how to do that ? I’m not “curve aware” :slight_smile:

When you complete measurements, you are presented with results, AND target curve. In your case it will be straight line with a little downslope.
From there you can load some ready curve, like Harman or NAD, or just edit existing one. On this curve you will see point, which you can freely move around. You can also add more points, by right-clicking the curve and choosing “add control point”.
This is how it looks in my case:

As you can see i’m trying to follow natural response of my speakers, instead of using any ready-made curve. But you can just bump the treble or bass using default curve.
Basically you can freely “create” your own sound of your system with this, you can try to mimic for example other speakers based on their curves.
Anyway from my experience every curve will be better than default one, which sounds flat and dull. Be it Harman, NAD, natural response of the speakers, or anything else.
As said - tune it to your taste. You can save 3 curves to your amp, and switch with one button. So you can create one curve for normal listening, one with bumped treble if you wish, or with bumped mid range for example for TV and movies.
Have fun :slight_smile:


Does the dirac work with headphones?

No, it’s not. It used to with old firmware, but it was a bug.
Generally Dirac is ROOM correction. Well, you cannot really say about room acoustics in case of headphones.
Ok, this is one use case where Dirac will not replace bass and treble controls :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks I will try bump control point.