How to solve missing tone corrections on SA30?

I am incredibely missing the avilability of Tone Corrections => mainly treble, which I necessarily like to have boosted. How to solve this missing feature?

1/ Does DiracLive enable to save a curve with enhanced trebles?

2/ Will additional purchase of Node (2i) bring a satisfying result in trebbles boosting?

2a/ Audio quality-wise, the first intention should be to connect Node’s digital Coax OUT to Arcam’s digital Coax IN to take use of Arcam’s DAC. But then Tone Corrections are unavailable neither on Node nor on Arcam – am I getting it right?

3/ To acquire Tone Corrections possibility, I will have to connect SA30 with Node’s analog Audio L,R OUT? But then the top rated DAC in Arcam will be out of game!

Then I am afraid that the Node’s internal DAC will (slightly?) deteriorate audio quality compared to above mentioned digital interconnection. Am I getting this right too?

Thanks a lot for your explanations and advice.


yes, and that solves the whole problem


Forget Node. As @Turkleton said you can solve this with DL. It is powerful DSP, with added benefit of having extremely precise equalizer. You can easily boost any frequency you like, by how much you like.
You can save up to 3 different curves to SA30, so you can have different curves with different settings and change them “on the fly”.

Great boys, so thankful for your extremely fast and positive info!

The problem is not into your SA30 , probably the problem is in the speakers and cables , may be :)) but I think in the speakers. What speakers you have ?

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And, as we age, this becomes far more apparent