Software Version 1.72 Device version: 0.100.1542.0xff21fd0

I am experiencing the following undesirable behaviour:
1 - when changing from MusicLife on iPad to MusicLife on iPhone the system would cease to respond and fail to play anything. Reverting to prior source would not work either. NETRESET would allow one source to play, and only the first one.
2 - NETRESET would delete all DIRAC Curves (not SYSTEMRESET, NETRESET)
3 - Unit would fail to respond to REBOOT
4 - Unit would default at random overnight to NETSTANDBY = off even if set to ON the night before
5 - DIRAC curves would reset to NOCURVE over night

I can normally get it to respond to the NETCLIENT. Normally. CD input, etc, all work fine.

I have just tried another full REBOOT INTO UPDATE MODE, UPDATE, NETRESET, SYSTEMRESET, CONFIGURE AIRPLAY, UPLOAD DIRAC … but this is driving me nuts.
Anyone else?
Any clues?