MusicLife 4.0.1 (4017)

What to test

4.0.1 (4017)

  • Change Home Screen “Show Hidden” to “Show All”, to make the behaviour clearer
  • Apply main tint to alert controllers
  • Fix Source visibility toggling
  • Fix black status bar in iOS 12
  • Use incremental volume instead of absolute in Now Playing volume control

4.0.1 (4016)

  • Added Home Screen layout customisation to settings
  • Show more items if one or more Home Screen sections are hidden

4.0.1 (4015)

  • Fix crash when opening Now Playing screen with iPad or iPhone set to Audio Output
  • Tweak Home Screen section spacing
  • Fix Unsupported File error when playing to No5101/CDS50 from TIDAL
  • Prevent Home Screen sections resizing when toggling visibility of sources

Hi friends, is there an option to choose streaming quality when listening to internet radio?

I think the sample rate and bit depth (if this is what you’re looking for?) is dictated by the streaming provider, imho these values are fixed and vary per station.


I believe this screenshot isn’t taken from the MusicLife app, right?

It is the Tune-In many times at many stations you can chosse the streaming quality. I m just wondering if MusicLife will also have this option.

I don’t understand why you would need that. You just need the service you subscribe to, to deliver the best quality file it can, why would you chose anything less than the highest quality available on your subscription?

It’s different for apps designed for mobile of course as this lets you control your data consumption. It’s a totally different use case.

If you really do want to downgrade the quality for some reason then use Tune-in or some other app that gives that option and then chromecast or airplay to the SA30 instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are various radio streaming providers. As far as I know the SA30 doesn’t use Tune-In. I think the provider used by SA30 ( doesn’t provide multiple stream qualities for a single station.

Talking about the RadioFM or Superfly if they servers are under heavy load i m getting lower quality and i swicht to highest it is then working fajn and everithing is perfeckt. If i would not switch than i would listen to it on lower res.
I have also a Marantz PM7000N i can change the streaming quality on the Marantz. I m just wondering if there is an option.