Qobuz streaming protocols?

I’ve decided to sample Qobuz in addition to Tidal of which i have been using over a year. I’m finding that you limited to 18 bit/96kHz when streaming direct from Qobuz app/iOS using Chromecast protocol. You need to use the Music Life app to get the higher resolution. Anyone experience the same?

I believe chromecast is limited to 96 KHz / 24-bit

MusicLife I gather is not casting but instructing the SA30 to stream directly from Qobuz. I’ve always used this method, I tend to browse from the Qobuz app, add things to my favourites/collection, then go to MusicLife and play from that

I have only tried this using Roon but I get 24/192 to the Arcam from there.

Roon is also limited to 24/192, because of that I’ve switched to upnp server for local files and use MusicLife for streaming from internet.

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Thanks for all the replies, I’m curious if anyone is using the ST60 to stream as opposed to an iOS device or other alternate streaming device? I’m contemplating going that route currently using an iOS device. Through the optical input on the SA30 from the ST60, utilizing the streamer’s DAC should account for a difference in sound.

limited to? I don’t know that you can go much further than 28/192kHz?

I seem to be only able to stream at mp3 level even though my purchases from quobuz are all 24 bit.

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That’s actually lossy and less than CD quality. Something streaming via Bluetooth would garner. Are you sure you are on a direct secured connection, via wifi? Are you getting > 500 mpbs for your connection speed? Are you using the Life Music app?

Yes I’m using MusicLife however my connection is only 76mb and hard wired. But surely this is enough? I can stream 4k films after all.