Best Streaming Service - United Kingdom

Hi All

Please can I ask for some advice on which streaming service I should subscribe to in the UK. I have recently bought a pre-owned Arcam ARV 30 and currently use Amazon Music which I find clunky.

Hi Crazy-Rhino and welcome to the community.

Given that the SA30 supports almost every service through Airplay, Chromecast and both Tidal and Spotify connect them you have all the choices.

Personally I subscribe to Tidal and Qobuz and these both make higher than average payments per stream which is important to me.

Though I am a Roon user which means I don’t use either of their apps often, I can say that the Tidal app worked really well when I did use it.

Hi WelshMike many thanks for the help. I signed up to Qobuz and it’s brilliant and I’m with you on the higher payments to artist. Thanks for the advice.


Great news and I hope you fully enjoy the experience :+1:

I use Qobuz via ARCAM’s MusicLife app. The latter isn’t best in class by any stretch of the imagination but it’s got better since launch.

Same, I use the Qobuz app for music discovery. and I select things I like and create playlists into “my Qobuz”, and then when I want to listen I use Music Life to select and have the SA30 stream direct meaning I get the highest quality and resolution available rather than being constrained by limits of casting.

I have to say I did like what I heard from Tidal when I used it, even though strictly speaking MQA is a lossy format. Reason for going to Qobuz was because it is clearer in terms of what I am playing back and therefor paying for and I’m paying less, as well as better contributions to the artists.

The promoted music on Qobuz is quite different, but I haven’t come across anything that I want to listen to that isn’t there….except the odd Sony published thing that I can live without.