Does SA 30 support Qobuz

I’m trying to decide which streaming service to use. I have Apple music now but it doesn’t have a direct connection to the unit. Does Qobuz stream directly to the SA 30?

Yes, but there is no such thing as “Qobuz connect” as there is a “Spotify Connect” or “Tidal Connect” which means you can’t use a native Qobuz app that talks to SA30 and tells it to stream

Instead you are stuck with MusicLife, the SA30 web client or a third-party app like mconnect Player.

I use the Qobuz app and add things I want to stream to “My Qobuz”. Then when switching to MusicLife that all appears in favourites against the connected Qobuz account, which I can select by artist, album, song title etc and select for SA30 to stream directly

People’s experience of MusicLife seems very mixed, possibly sometimes impacted by home network settings, and I think iOS app is better than android equivalent. I use an iPad and don’t have issues with it.


I’ve literally discovered how to do this 10 minutes ago … you need to go into Google Home and add device then you’ll se the SA30 come up and then add it to a room.

Once you’ve done this you can cast to it from the Qobuz App but show as the room you put it i.e. Living Room speaker with Arcam SA30 written below … it’s also appeared as an option to cast to from Amazon Music.

EDIT: I thought I’d found my perfect solution casting Amazon Music to Chromecast on the SA 30 but Amazon limit the quality to Chromecast … nit sure if teh max is 44.1 or 48 but it is capped.
Can’t help but think they’re shooting themselves in the foot as their devices are s…t and they could otherwise sell a monthly subscribed streaming service to many people that’d like to play it on other devices.

Was just about to say chromecast is limited. That doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t ok, but you’re not going to get the beyond CD hi-res stuff out of your subscription that way. Airplay is similar although present different challenges. Instructing the amp to stream directly rather than casting from another device will ensure you are listening to what you pay for on the hi res digital streaming tiers.

Are you sure? Maybe that’s app dependent, but if i remember correctly Chromecast is limited, but to 24/96.

Yes sorry its AirPlay that is more complicated. What I was getting at though is that there is a limit so even if you have higher res material than that available you’ll be limited by it. I use “limit” in a technical sense because honestly I think it debatable whether we can all hear differences anyhow, or perhaps main differences we hear are more about the original recordings, our speakers and the rooms they are in! I do stream , but. Y personal preference is vinyl :grinning:

You see various comments across the internet, some suggesting Chromecast can do 24/192 but device dependant … although the concensus seems to be as you say 24/96.

Problem with most of the Apps like Musiclife they’re horrible to use in comparison to the streaming providers Apps, to give examples of this with Musiclife if you go into say Amazon, my music, playlists … it lists everything that’s ever gone in there … with Amazon you can select either everything or just the one’s you’ve created.
If you go into artists Musiclife will list the same artist several times on everything in your library they’ve ever don but Amazon App will list teh artist once so you can scroll through and find teh one you want and then click on them to get all their music but you can then also select my library which is only the albums you’ve chosen to put in there.

I’ve posted a link to dropbox which hopefully works shows an example of what I mean in musiclife

[Dropbox - 56B65CE2-D4FC-40A8-B5B3-4334625A32A4.jpeg - Simplify your life]

But technically those are different artists in the same way that Witterings would bedifferent to Mr. Witterings or Witterings, Mister…. They are all unique values in the Artist meta tags :thinking: