Short circuit fault on SA30

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I have an SA30 with Quadral Platinum+ 5 speakers (4 Ohm).

I experienced more times that around on 50 volume and on Tidal connect source the amplifier switched off with “System Fault Short Circuit” message as you can see on the photo.

I’m just curious about your opinion if it is obviously a fault and I should use my guarantee and take it back to the seller or it could be some kind of “self defense mechanism” that the volume is too high for example?

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To me it seems like a protection circuit is kicking-in.
I couldn’t find impedance curve for those speakers anywhere, but quite often manufacturers lie “a bit”, and declaring 4Ohm, where in fact impedance might drop close to 2Ohms. Now if this drop happens to be in low frequencies, it can overload the amp.


Same problem with Phonar Credo, 4 Ohm, measured impedance 3 Ohm occasionally. Most amps can handle it, but not SA30. :frowning:

I assume OFC speaker wire of appropriate gauge and no breaks or damages to it? Are you using banana plugs? If so may be worth striping and replacing to make sure connection is good. If you aren’t using them then I would suggest getting some :slightly_smiling_face:

Below link includes table of gauge v length and ohms

Usually AWG14 is fit for most at approx 2.5mm2 go to 4mm2 to be on the safe side I would say which is equivalent to about AWG11

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Did anyone use KEF R3 or R5 with SA30? They can go as low as 3.2 Ohm (nominal: 8). Is this a good choice and does not cause ‘short circuit’ fault?

Depends on frequency of that impedance dip.
I’m using MA Gold 100, and they go down to 2,8Ohm, but it’s at high frequencies, so that dip does not cause high power drain from the amp.
I think some people here had those KEF’s and all was ok.
Also Arcam was demoing SA30 with KEF R5’s on some audio show in UK, where they played in rather large room. All seemed good.

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I have the B&W 603 S2 speakers and they are 8 Ohm (nominal) but can go as low as 2.7 or 3 Ohms. Before I bought them last year I sent a question about it to Arcam. I haven’t had any problem with them. Below is the answer from the Arcam support.

”The SA30 is recommended for use with speakers of a nominal impedance of between 4 and 16 ohms, as you say the impedance does fluctuate. If for instance, you are to use 4 ohm speakers I would expect the impedance to drop well below 4 ohm when in use for short period, even down to 2.7 this in its self would course no issues.”

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I use Viablue SC-4 cables, it couldn’t be the problem imo

Btw thank you Guys for the answers, then what is the conclusion, should I send it back for a service check or live along with this?