One channel noise... (+ARC question)

Hello all.

I know most questions here are about the digital part of SA30,

But for the last few months, I have experienced right channel connection problem from my SA30…

It’s quite random, but usually after 30 mins to 1 hour of playtime,

static noise comes out from the right speaker and then whole signal goes on and off there.

After I turn off the amp(red light, not no-light) and turn it on again, it works fine… but this happens again and again.

I am suspecting this is due to any relay issue. Maybe someone in this community has had similar problem like mine?

The service provider here in Korea, they say they will impose full cost on me because I bought my SA30 secondhand.

Moreover I heard the service provider tends to just replace the whole assembly(including digital boards) so that they can save tedious and time consuming check process. Then the service cost will be close to buying a new one!

I am considering taking it to 3rd party audio equipment repair shops and just try to replace whatever the fault it has(hoping it’s just a relay).

Does anyone have a service manual for the amp?

Plus an ARC question.

I am using a LG TV connected to my SA30 with HDMI eARC connection.

Theoretically I should be able to change amp volume using TV remote, right?

But when I change volume with the TV remote, mute icon appears on TV screen and never goes off.

So although I am using eARC connection, I have to use both TV and SA30 remote.

Can someone please tell me how I can fix this?

Thank you all in advance.

SA30 sounds great and has lots of features, but issues such as service / lack of infortmation on the internet / poor service quality(in Korea) / akward firmware and UI certainly worsen the overwhole experience.