SA30 Display shows only the sample rate

Hi All,
another (maybe stupid) question
When I stream on the SA30 it scrolls the author and track title and then stops at the sample rate. I’m not so interested in this info on the screen but would rather see the song title. Is this possible to set? I didn’t find how to do this.
thanks for the help

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Yeah this is frustrating. You have probably worked out that you can change the view to show track or album info etc. But as soon as the next track starts, the display resets to default.

This should be an easy fix. Maybe if more of us request this it could be in a future update. Its a very basic concept and should have been par for the course on any audio equipment of this price.


Yes, I would also like to have that option…

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Thanks for the response
I’ll make a request at Acram

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Thanks Goran…

Greatly appreciated. I’ll do the same :slight_smile: