Request: Artist name and track title when using Roon

Feature request. Firmware: 1545 1.72. Showing artist or track title on SA30 display when using Roon

When using Roon you can click on the Info button of your SA30’s remote and then you see the artist on the display. Clicking one more time shows the track title. When a new track starts the display gets back to default showing the frequency, e.g. 96kHz. Would be nice if your choice is being saved and the display always shows your favourite choice.

Anyone knows if this feature exists or is being considered?

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Not specifically for roon but I seem to recall it being discussed for streaming generally. Bear in mind there isn’t an awful lot of real estate on the display though. Sorry I don’t remember if this ever got passed on to Arcam. @jvs1 ?

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The only feedback concerning the SA30 display passed to Arcam through this forurm would be Visualize characters with accents on the SA30's LED display, ref#46

Maybe I am getting mixed up and we were discussing meta data display in MusicLife……

No problem, neither I can remember all details. The search is our friend :slight_smile: