Some help from italy for arcam sa 30

happy owner of arcam sa30, paired with kef q750 i am very satisfied with the sound across the range. but I have a couple of questions: using the mconnect app and streaming tidal files via upnp technology, the name of the song, the quality of the file, etc., is displayed correctly on the Arcam screen for just a few seconds, after which it stops the audio for a second and only the word net appears on the screen, no longer displaying the info but continuing to play the song, is this normal? Also I wanted to ask, in terms of quality for streaming, in addition of course to roon, is it to be preferred as a technology: upnp, cast or airplay?
last question: having also a marantz sr5013 receiver connected via the pre outs for HT, I have a problem with the remotes, practically using both the marantz and the Arcam ones, both amps turn on / off, and it is very nerve-wracking, as I can to solve?
Thank you

Hi paolo, welcome to the forum!

If you use the mconnect app (or the Arcam MusicLife app) and play music over upnp to the SA30 then the following text appears on the SA30 console as long as the music is played. The title and artist appear on the console, this text scrolls up. After the title and artist are scrolled outside the console the following text remains:

  • first line: Steaming < volume level >
  • second line: < sample rate >

E.g (outlining of the text might be different but the text is something like below):
Steaming 10
44.1 kHz

If you start the music then it should be playing as long as there are entries in the queue. If the play queue is empty the music will stop. The music should not stop playing before the end of the track. The word NET can be displayed e.g. after you selected the NET input channel with the Arcam remote and are not streaming any music to the SA30 yet. I hope this helps. If you think this might be a problem which is unrelated to your usage of the app and SA30 then please open a new topic in the issues category and fill in the template text. The most important information is the steps performed, actual and expected result.

As far as upnp, Google Cast and Airplay is concerned, please refer to a similar topic below:

Roon is a subscription based service. There are lots of people which say this is the ultimate solution for music. I have no experience with Roon because I have no subscription. There are other forum users which do have a Roon subscription and can inform you about it’s quality and compare it to the mentioned alternatives, e.g. I believe @Mark is a Roon user.

I might not have the answer but please do elaborate on your problem with the remotes by creating a new topic in the issues category. Detail on used brand of remotes, steps executed, actual and expected result.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a forum user and asking so much questions in one topic :slight_smile: I hope the responses help, if not then please be free to ask.

With the latest firmware upgrade the display reads OK TO BROWSE when in the NET setting and no stream is being sent (ie; it is idle). It sounds like you have not upgraded yet. It may not solve your issues but it is definitely worth trying.