Hello to all (new SA30 user)

Hello, since 1 week I’m the proud owner of a SA30!
It’s powering B&W 702’s, and only streaming digital content from local storage, Qobuz and occasionally Spotify. I’m using Roon, so the SA30 is part of a network of endpoints: sitting room (SA30), dinning room (Beolab Penta active - RopieeXL/Hifiberry digi+), hobby room (Monitor Audio Radius 90 - Yamaha Sub - RopieeXL/Hifiberry Amp2).

I bought the SA30 after extensive listening sessions, and the SA30 was part of that because a Roon forum member advised me about it, y’all know him here as @WelshMike

Anyway looking forward to get some great advise here or simply share our thoughts and experiences with out great amps!

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Hi @Gadnoz good to see you on this site as well.
it is fairly quiet here but I have picked up some good information since joining last year.
Definitely worth having a read around the threads.

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