Arcam sa30 stopped working with Roon

My Arcam was working flawlessly, then for some reason, Roon doesn’t work with it now. It is listed as a device in Roon, but when I try to play something, it shows the pause square for a second, then the play button reappears.
Roon works with my other devices, and the music life app works with the sa30.
I am running software version 1.72. I have turned the sa30 off and on, and I also unplugged it for about 2 minutes and then restarted it.
Any suggestions?

Hi again. I did a factory reset and all is well.

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Life was simple in the days when amplifiers operated without firmware and you just had to push a button to make it work :grinning:

You’re absolutely right!! :grin:

Although truth be told, I do really like being able to choose music from Qobuz from the comfort of my chair. (When it works :slightly_smiling_face:)

So far - knock on wood - no problems with my SA30 and Qobuz/Roon…

Great to hear. I hope it stays that way.
I’ve been loving the sound from mine.
If I may ask, what speakers are you using with the Arcam?

Might be a surprise to you (and many others) but I’m using (and loving my) Linn Tukans because of their superb detailed and spacious sound. Have to add that their bass was not good enough for me so I added a sub: the MJ Acoustics Pro-50. I was totally against subs at that time but it was either getting rid of the Linns or trying out this sub that got very good reviews in those days. It was a new UK brand. I was probably the first Dutch person that bought it. I was about to order it in the UK when I got the message (that same day) that there was a Dutch retailer. After having installed the sub I was struck by the overall sound quality (MJA Pro-50 + Tukans). Once in a while I thought about buying some new speakers (also when I bought the SA30, last year). So far I didn’t do it as I’m still very satisfied with the sound that I have.

Hi again,

I’m actually not familiar with the Linn Tukans, but it sounds like you have a set up that sounds great. That’s what it’s all about.
I ended up with a pair of Paradigm founder 80f’s. I’ve been happy with them. A few times though the bass seems a little on the light side, yet on better recordings I feel satisfied. I’m really pleased with the treble and midrange, and they produce a really nice soundstage. It’s kind of amazing how the recording quality can really make such a difference in sound quality.