Feature Request - Facility to change input sources on SA30

One feature I would love to see for the SA30 is to be able to rename input sources… Is this a possibility for the future maybe?

I know we can’t change the labels on the remote control but if we use our mobile phones to control the SA30 this feature would work very well and make the input labelling more appropriate for all users. It would be an optional feature that users could use.

Apologies but this is my first post for a feature request so hopefully other users will find this helpful too.

Would you be interested in such feature? Please reply to the poll.

  • I like this feature request, please consider it.
  • I don’t care.

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I would add a couple of thoughts, labels could perhaps be editable in MusicLife and Arcam remote apps then sent to the amp, and also the web client on one of the settings pages to make entry easier. Scrolling through letters to label via the amp display itself ought to be supported for those that don’t make use of those apps, but for me it would kind of be a last resort,


This would be much more useful than the postit note I had to put on the device to tell my wife how to listen to the CD player and turntable (as once I decided not to use the onboard phonocard and stick to the Project PhonoBox DS+ the whole sequence of naming falls apart very fast)

Any sign of this feature being considered as I would quite like to have this option as well.

Deaf ears I’m afraid… :slight_smile:


It could be easy to do that thru the web interface.

Arcam doesn’t seem to care about its software at all. I’m greatly disappointed from this company now and will sell my SA30 just because these guys don’t give a damn!

hey surr3a1, can you dramaqueen somewhere else?

I can complain as much as I want my friend, if you don’t want to read - you can choose to leave!

I’ve spent a lot of money for this device and it is not working properly and there is ZERO support from the devs.

Released 2y ago in its state was a crime and puts this company at the very bottom of all companies I’ve ever seen.

So, take your comments and do whatever you want with them, but do not comment on mine!

Have you EVER tried to contact official Arcam/Harman support using email for example?
You are frustrated that they are not replying on PRIVATE forums, which they don’t have to do. Yes, they were active on the forum when we were experiencing biggest issues, which was very nice of them. But they don’t have to do it.

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Hello surr3a1, I feel sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing. I can imagine it is very frustrating. Is there any issue in particular you are so worried about? Please refer me to a link, maybe I can help you?

I believe we all want to see official release with the new feautures as soon as possible. This should not take years.

Hi first,
There is something quite bothering now since I started using an external player such as the Node, which is linked to the coaxial input.

Once it is working it is fine and later in the evening I switch to the STB analogue to bypass my home theater. Before going to bed I turn the Arcam off from the remote.

In the morning when I turn it on and switch to the AV coaxial there is no sound coming from the device at all. Only changing the volume produces these “click” sounds and that is it. I have to start switching to maybe the other coaxial input and sometimes to the analogue and back to make it work again. Sometimes I need to power off the device from the button on the device and then it usually fixes it.

This thing is kind of driving me crazy because it seems like such a logical thing to be able to switch inputs but somehow it doesn’t work properly.

Any ideas?

@Felix: I am not complaining about them not reading this forum, mate, I’m complaining that the latest official FW was in September and they don’t seem to do much after that!

But on the contrary - they do work on this all the time. Yes, last release was a while ago. They have released rather stable firmware and moved on to working on new features. Now they are planning big streaming services upgrade and there are new beta firmwares being release every few days. So no, it’s not like the do not work on this. They do, all the time.

Ok, I do accept this then and hope for improvements because on the contrary of my various issues here and there, I do really like the sound of the device!


Hello surr3a1, thank you for your detailed issue description. Unfortunately I cannot help you any further because your use case doesn’t resemble mine. Neither I own the particular hardware you mention nor I use the mentioned inputs. However I asked Arcam nicely to have a look at it. I hope the issue will be sorted out.

@jvs1: Thank you, it does happen almost every time when you switch between the coax input and the MusicLife app while both are streaming(stream with ML, switch to coax and play smth, swtich to ML by pressing Pause/Play).

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I’m sorry guys, but this topic is about Input Names on SA30 and not on switching between inputs. I suggest open a topic about switching inputs.

Couldn’t agree more with you pab

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