Questions about musiclife app features

hello, thanks for adding me to the group. I’m new here but not new to arcam as my first piece of hi-end kit over 30 years ago was arcam. my question is about the musiclife app…

unless i’m missing the available feature sets the app seems to be very limited in scope. my experience with another well-respected british company’s app allows programmable inputs which can be re-named. additionally, most everything can be controlled by the app - input, volume, balance, trim, streaming - you never need to touch the remote. does this exist in some form on an arcam app for the SA30?

Hello Conundrum and welcome to the forum
The Arcam does not allow input name mapping which can be annoying and personally I deleted the musiclife app after it’s first use.

If you use Roon, Tidal or even Spotify via Chromecast or AirPlay then the musiclife app seems like a step backwards to me.

thank you for the reply. coming from a much older naim integrated I’m stunned by the primitive nature of the arcam sa30 and the app. the arcam has excellent sound, and includes both the phono amp and is roon ready, but the technology and look almost feels like going back to ms-dos. I do use roon, and as you suggest, will abandon musiclife. back to the future.

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Yes it’s had to argue with your point’s and I have felt the same way since I got my SA30 almost 2 years ago.

But Roon Ready, a decent, phono amplifier and Dirac gives you a lot of value for the money.

I think the interface is old fashioned, but the sound is great and in a streamer amplifier to my mind that’s the most important thing.

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