ArcamDial - A tool to control your amp with a Surface Dial

There might be a subset of people that own a SA30 and a Microsoft Surface Dial. Or it could be just me.
Anyway I made a Windows program that can be used to control the SA30 with the Surface Dial.
It is similar to RooDial (, except that you don’t need Roon + a RaspberryPi.
Instead you need a Windows 10 PC. I used the pc that I also use to stream music from.

If you’re unfamiliar with the dial, it looks like a detached volume knob where you can also click on:

The idea is that it feels nicer to rotate a knob to change volume than using the plasticy Arcam remote.

The program looks like this:

You can download the program with further details in the readme.txt from this link.

Oh, it’s free. Just a small hobby project I did to get myself more familiar with the programming language C#.


This is really neat, well done!

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Very nice contribution, well done.

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