SA30 build 969, version 1.51 (beta)

Hello @arcam_paul

Could you share a status on where we are regarding this new release?

Is it the one that will be public once mature enough or is our feedback/findings integrated for a later revision ?

Personally I would like to know more about the arc issue (does not power on the amplifier / sound drops / no sound after standby) : are they being really actively investigated ? When can we expect a resolution ?

Hi @alex_otb

Sure - we are looking at putting out another beta this week. We are currently testing this internally to make sure we’re happy with it before submitting it to the group. For your issues:

  • CEC no power on - we are going to look into this this week. Engineering know what the issue is, and just need to implement the code necessary to support this.

  • Dropouts - there is currently a significant effort towards this going on in parallel to these builds. I believe the first engineering alpha of this has arrived this week, but I haven’t tested it personally, so I’m not sure what the state is, and therefore cannot give a ime line.

I believe this next beta we’re currently testing fixes some of the issues reported in the last week, but until I get the release notes I can’t confirm which issues are fixed. I will list this when we announce the next build though.

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Great thanks for the feedback @arcam_paul !!!

We are not there yet, but I’m reassured we are in the right direction !

Quid regarding the « ARC - No sound after standby » ?

Fingers (and toes) crossed they will be solved quickly :slight_smile:

(Once all this ok, I will finally start enjoying my amplifier and play with Dirac ! :))

ARC no sound after standby is fixed in 1.51/969 we believe? Have you experienced otherwise?


It’s just the long delay between turning on the amplifier and having sound (45 seconds) that is disturbing but not a big deal after all…

Do you have Net Standby active?

Without Net Standby active the SA30 has to perform the full boot cycle which would take about that long. With Net Standby active it should be able to reconnect in less than 10 seconds based on our testing.

If you have Net Standby active and it’s still slow, let us know the TV manufacturer and model number and I’ll see if anyone internally can reproduce this.

I still have this problem whenever the SA30 is brought out of standby, and it’s not connected to the TV. Net standby is on.

Yours is a different issue Derek, which we’ve still been unable to reproduce. We are still trying.


I do believe that netstandby is on.
I will check, perform another battery of test and will keep you posted :slight_smile:

Hi @arcam_paul
Do you have any news on that new beta?
I have survived till now, but to be honest v969 is too unstable. It reboots for me even during playback sometimes (using MusicLife at the moment, to be able to use Dirac).
Wondering now if i should wait for next beta, or go back to v867 for now.

I’m not sure when the date will be as there are another couple of changes we’d like to make so that the next beta provides a better experience.

By all means go back to 1.41/867 if you prefer!

Good evenning,

I confirm that net standby is on and I have no sound on ARC before a delay that varies up to 45 seconds. And this whatever if I turn the TV or the SA30 first.

My tv is a Samsung Q95T (Qled flagship of last year). The delay may also come from the TV.

In any case, it is still way better than in the v867 where I had no sound at all after standby :wink:

Thank @arcam_paul
Was just curious if next beta will be anytime soon. To be honest i’m not sure which one o prefer, as 969 sounds better to me, but on the other hand it’s unstable and doesn’t really work with Roon (DL is must for me). Was hoping for a more stable beta :slight_smile:

This build has now been superceeded by v1.62/1027.

Please update to this build when possible.

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I’m not using the beta but following the thread, I noticed this with 867
I removed SA30 from Google Home, but somehow the SA30 still remembers this as I see it still (on and off) as a chromecast device in MusicLife. If I select it, then afterwards I hear the beeps when changing volume via the knob on the amp, just like if you were doing it remotely from Google Home. Not sure if a net reset would resolve, but it’s not bugging me enough to care about it :slightly_smiling_face:

You can add it again to Google Home and than disable the beeps, as it’s an option in Google software :slight_smile:

Is the beta closed? I click on the link to download and it comes up as page missed or not authorised.

Hi Sam, welcome to the forum! Currently access to SA30 firmware beta builds is limited to a group of community users. For more information refer to topic Firmware Beta Programme Information. If you want to enrol into this beta track then please read the afore mentioned topic and reply to it.

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