Floating sound with Cd input

Hi, I couldn’t see this issue listed but apologies if it is already captured.
I’m using firmware V1.62. When CD playing with analogue input the sound floats. It doesn’t matter if Dirac is turned on or not. CD player it is Oppo udp-203. With coaxial input everything is correct.

Hi Marles, welcome to the forum!

If it is not too much trouble could you please record both situations and post them here? In this way we could hear the difference you’re pointing out. Thanks.

First… Coaxial input
Next CD input

The first recording is marked as ‘Coaxial input’. Imho it starts to sound strange at position 0:05 - 0:18.

The second recording is marked as ‘CD input’. Besides some recording ticks at position 0:30 and 0:35 it sounds ‘far away’. Maybe this ‘far away’ is due to the recording circumstances?

From these two recordings I would say the second recording is better compared to the first because the first contains some strange noises.

Your TS states:

With coaxial input everything is correct.

Are you sure the first recording is the best?

Yes, it is due to recording. the coaxial is ok. With cd input sound is quiet and next loud (close to me and next far away).

Ok. I have a solution. :grin: Problem was DTS Neo. 6 into my CD player. It was On. Now all is correct. :grin: