ARCAM SA30 DAC issue (running mono)

Hi Guys,

I just bought an Arcam sa30 amplifier. My issue is that when i use its digital inputs (coax or optical) the sound i get is in MONO state. But works fine in any of the analog inputs. I have tried everything which includes resseting, updating firmware, trying different cd players.

Kindly advise if i am doing anything wrong or is this a faulty unit. What could be the causes ?

Thanks in advance !

How are you determining that it’s mono? Are your sources set to output only PCM stereo? You aren’t inadvertently sending a multichannel signal?

It is an audio cd player which i am using as source and it has an optical and coax out which i am using.

When i use the digital input the sound becomes dead center and most of the instruments in the song are sounding muffled. And when i switch to the analog input the sound becomes open and everything is heard with separation. I also did a stereo checking track which clearly doesnt work correctly in digital input.

I wouldn’t necessarily assume it is the amp at fault, it could just as easily be the CD player. Do you have another device with stereo digital output to try? Your tv maybe?

i have a desktop computer which has a sound card having an optical out in it. its doing the same on that as well.

If that’s the case and you are also confident your cables are fine, then all you can do is return to dealer for a swap, or log a support ticket with Arcam. If you only just bought it I would return to dealer