Connection on new network

Hi everyone, does anyone have any advice on getting the SA 30 to connect to a new network. Had the SA 30 working fine with Tidal Connect on the old network, however, Google home
says the following, something went wrong and we can’t communicate with it from your iPhone. I have tried Net reset which didn’t work and then system reset. Any advice would be great. Thanks

Likely the SA30 has a different IP Address

Try removing it completely from Google home and then go through the process again to search for and add as a new device (speaker)

Also if you are using Tidal Connect then strictly speaking you don’t need Google Home necessarily. Tidal Connect simply acts as a controller and will search out for the SA30 as a UPnP renderer on your local network without using a Google Home….you just have to get it on the network in the first place!

So as you are an iPhone user, if you go to network settings on your phone and let it scan, it should detect the SA30 for Airplay. Adding it will connect SA30 to the local network for the first time (or after reset) just as going through same process in Google Home would do to enable google chromecast…… but important is this is just a means to an end to get SA30 on the network, Tidal Connect is not Airplay or chromecast :slightly_smiling_face: