uPnP issue with SA30

*When I turn on the SA30 I get a Net message saying ‘Root uPnP’. Yesterday nothing would work - not cd player, tuner or streaming – on any setting. Today it still says ‘Root uPnP’ but i can get my iphone to stream on PVR setting only. This is bizarre. I reset my Net settings but as I say the message still appears. Any thoughts/solutions appreciated.

try this:

  • reboot your router (I’ve had this when the router simply decided to block the SA-30 after an update as it decided something had changed that it did not like)
  • on SA-30 do a NET RESET
  • go to your phone, go to wifi, and look for the option to “configure SA-30 as Airplay / Chromecast speaker” or similar

That fixes it

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Great! Thanks I will give it a try!


Rebooting my router worked to resolve this software issue.

So I just got a JBL SA750 which is essentially an SA30 and streaming is very frustrating. I see the same “Root UPnP” message until Tidal finally connects and starts playing. Then it shows the song and bitrate. Is that not normal? What should I see?