Root upnp after update

hello to everyone , i have just perform my first software update , everything ok , but on the display there is a message ROOT UPNP , when i choose the NET option . Everything else(TIDAL , SPOTIFY , CD PLAYER, TURNTABLE) is working perfectly . I have also made system reset , net reset according to the instructions . How can i make it go away . ps forgive my bad english

Hi petertsak, welcome to the forum! The message root upnp is the result of selecting the NET option after pressing the corresponding button on the SA30 console panel or on the remote control. It will go away if you select another input.

I believe root upnp is an indication on the SA30 console panel you’ve reached the top menu item of all functionality that is available under the NET feature option. You can navigate in the menu by using the up and down buttons on your remote control. Hope this helps.

hi , thanks for the answer . I was wondering , because before the update on the display there was NET under the option , now ROOT UPNP is written on the display . So no worry … Thank you once more

Nothing to worry about. If I remember correctly Arcam changed this behavior in a particular firmware version.

as long as everything else is perfect , i will not be worried . ps the software update is 1206/1.72

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