Version 1542v1.72 Tidal Spotify connect! Problem

I would like to ask you all: Have you ever experienced a crash network disconnection problem when using Tidal Spotify to connect! This problem is really annoying :weary:

Hello Dee, in order to help you we need a common understanding of the problem. Please add the following information:

  1. What crashed, e.g. your SA30 device or your Tidal app or Spotify app? If an app is crashing then please mention the OS (iPad/Android) of your device and version;
  2. How did it crash, this is very important information. Please add a precise description of all the steps that let to the problem.

Thank you.

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Hello jvs1, I have tested using tidal spotify to connect for about half an hour, the sa30 will suddenly disconnect and the speaker will be hoarse. When I open the control, it immediately shows that the network is unavailable. Why never have this problem when I use Apple Airplay!

I have repeatedly flashed many system versions. The latest version supports tidal Spotify connection and this problem is prone to occur. The machine is great, but can’t solve this problem, I can only add a source! ! ! !

I can be sure that my network environment is fine! It should be that there are still unresolved problems in the system! !

Downgraded to version 1.41 yesterday and turned off automatic upgrades. At night, the machine was upgraded to the latest system 1.72 by itself. I did not factory reset network settings! Tried it for a few hours and no stuttering sound. Just playing a tidal for a while will disconnect itself. The machine continues to play! I hope that there will be no more stuttering problems and that is enough. . .

The TV also stutters when optical fiber is plugged in, and then disconnects. Connection timed out Make sure the device is not in standby mode, or network standby is enabled